Window Tinting Law

Window Tinting Law


Many years after the window tinting law was enforced we have more illegal cars with front window tints locally than ever before.

Here is our government’s DVLA’s website with information on the window tinting law – unfortunately, they don’t explain it very well.

What they forget to mention is your car as standard is already shading 30% on the front 2 windows.


Here we hope to explain the problems we are up against… and the reasons why it’s way too risky to drive around with illegal tinted FRONT windows.

Tinted Window Rules

Chameleon Window Films: FACT

Chameleon Window films to the front windscreen.
A very popular question we have on a regular basis these days is “Do we fit Chameleon films to the front windscreen?” 

 Simply the answer is No 

It’s totally illegal and could void your insurance.  

Chameleon window films shade around 25%,  this is on top of the front screen that is already shading 25%.  If you care to watch the little video with the Traffic Policeman, he actually fails to mention that your windows are already at the legal limit.  Think of your empty beer glass in the sunshine, It has a shadow. So adding a film that shades 25% will double the shaded visible light transmittance.  

Any shaded film applied to the front screen or doors is technically illegal thus voiding your insurance in the event of a claim.  
Insurance companies are tighter than ever and often riggle out of any claims.


  1. Any shade even the lightest on the market will be technically be illegal.
  2. Your standard factory window will already be shaded between 18-32% depending on the make and model of car.
  3. Crystal clear glass will shade about 18% (think of your wine glass in the sun on the table  it has a shadow)
  4. The European law states maximum shaded front windows 70%.
  5. Adding even a 55% film to a 28% shaded standard window takes it to 47.1% shaded. (see our video)
  6. Police dont have enough light metres to go around to prove facts in the event of a Court case.
  7. MOT stations dont test or check illegal windows.
  8. VOSA will stop you and can impound the car if needed.
  9. Insurance companies will check your car in the event of an accident.
  10. Insurance companies will love to void your insurance claim if your car is illegal.
  11. Bodyshops work on a very tight budget and don’t check for illegal window tints in the event of a claim.

Running the Risk

If a company makes your car illegal then you technically have no insurance.   If you have no insurance then the insurance company does not have to support your claim, even if its the other drivers fault.  If you unfortunately kill someone on a pushbike or any other mode of transport.  The the finger can be pointed at the driver plus the company who window tinted the car (often for cash no receipt given so you will have trouble proving it).  In a worse case scenario the company would be taken to court for commercial manslaughter with a 4 year slice of life behind bars possible.   Hmmm  is it really worth it just for looks?  We think not… and stand by this after many years helping customers. Everyday we explain to customers clearly to help them understand the complex mess we are in with this law, that the Police don’t have the time to support and the MOT stations do not support it at all.