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Beaulieu – Southampton


Car Tints in Beaulieu – Southampton

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The Cistercian village of Beaulieu, about ten miles south of Southampton, grew out of the abbey, founded by King John in 1204. Its mill, wells and High Street fascinate visitors as they walk on its uneven and ancient stones. The Beaulieu estate came into the possession of the Montagu family in Henry VIII’s time.

Lord Montagu has opened his house to the public since 1952 and very much enjoys meeting his many visitors. Together with the Abbey and the Motor Museum, Beaulieu is well placed in the country’s ‘league’ of stately homes. The famous Montagu Motor Museum was founded in memory of his father, John Montagu, who successfully persuaded Parliament to abolish the 12 mph speed limit, and obliged motorists to register their cars and obtain licences to drive them. It was he who equipped the Army in India with mechanical transport during the First World War. Edward, the present Lord Montagu, is a vintage car enthusiast. Edward’s mother, the Hon Mrs Pleydell-Bouverie, lived in the village from 1920 and was a founder member of the Beaulieu Women’s Institute.

The village fire brigade was one of the earliest in the county of Hampshire, and before the Second World War was the private fire brigade of the Beaulieu estate. The village shops form the centre of village life and include an art gallery, a craft shop and Beaulieu Chocolates, whose hand-made chocolates are sold worldwide. The village hall hosts lectures, dramas, bingo, elections, weddings and many other events. A vineyard flourishes on the south facing slopes above the museum.

One could not leave Beaulieu without mentioning the river, with Bucklers Hard so near to the centre of the yachting world, together with the riverside farms, woods, bird sanctuary, and the estuary shores so abundant with wildlife.

The village information above is taken from the The Hampshire Village Book, written by members of Hampshire Federation of Women’s Institutes and published by Countryside Books. 

Window Tinting Beaulieu – Southampton

Professionally installed window tinting films improve:

Passenger Comfort

Our automotive window films filter up to 65% of the sun’s heat, reducing interior vehicle temperature. Long journeys are more enjoyable – when parked up your vehicle will stay cool for longer. You can also save a decent amount on air conditioning/fuel costs.

Less Glare & Fatigue

Window tinting reduces up to 95% of unwanted glare within the vehicle’s interior and helps take the strain out of driving. Sun strips on the front windscreen should also be considered, especially in the winter to spring months, whilst the sun is low on the horizon.

UV Ray Protection

Automotive window films screen out up to 99 % of the sun’s invisible UV radiation, a principal cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Reduce Interior Fading

Solar heat and UV rays can cause interior plastic trim cracks and fading of upholstery/carpeting. Using window tints helps keep your vehicle looking new.

There’s no extra charge for the various film choices, as our prices are based on the complexity of the installation, which varies from vehicle to vehicle.
You are more than welcome to call or email us for a no-obligation chat about the various options. We can also look to evaluate your car at our workshop and discuss the best choices. We use only the best quality professional films with a 5-year Guarantee.
Window Film Choices in Beaulieu – Southampton

VLT (stands for Visible Light Transmittance) 

A standard tint job covers all windows behind the driver’s seat. We also offer a clear UV / smash protection film that can legally be fitted onto the front windows. View our Protection & Safety page to learn more.

Light Tint

35% VLT (shades 65%)

For a very subtle look

  • Allows 35% of light to pass through.
  • Once fitted you can ‘just’ see through the vehicle creating a subtle classy look.
  • Often used on classic cars for a very stylish subtle look, not too over the top.
  • Yes, this will still make your front windows totally illegal if applied.

Medium Factory Tint

20% VLT (shades 80%)

The best option for most vehicles.

You can just about see silhouettes through the film and don’t give too much of a contrast against the ‘clear’ front doors.

  • Allows 20% of light to pass through.
  • Improved viewing for TV / back seat screens.
  • Requested by dealerships for a factory finish to match standard manufactured privacy glass.
  • Most popular choice by far

Limo Black

5%  VLT (shades 95%)

This is an extreme blackout tint, recommended for maximum privacy.

  • Allows 5% of light to pass through, your kids can still see out, but people cannot see in.
  • Best viewing for TV / back seat screens or laptops and iPads.
  • Used on commercial vehicles (vans & trucks) to help stop tool theft, etc.
  • Will reduce your ability to see behind at night plus increase parking difficulty at night.
  • Maximum heat rejection if traveling to hotter parts of Europe up to 50% Solar Energy reduction.

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