Window tinting films – common questions

South Coast Tints often has customers looking for additional information about our professional and ethical service. Here are some questions and answers that are often asked.

We are well aware that most of our competition are not as transparent and honest as we are on topics such as the UK law.

Every day we help people like yourself gain greater clarity on rights and wrongs of our industry, which we know is confusing and our competition play on this. We can help make it clear and simple for you.

We cannot stress enough the seriousness of illegally tinted windows in this country, for example if you have been miss-lead by a window tinting company, you may be driving an illegal vehicle now, thus making your insurance void. We therefore encourage you to check these details out with your insurance company to avoid any risks.

Q: I have already spoken to another window tinting company and they say I can put a 30% tint on the front two side windows, so why are you telling me I can’t?

A: This is one of the most common way people are mislead as we mentioned above. Please drop us a line or watch our UK window tinting law short video to find out more. What you will get from us are the facts.

Q: I have satellite navigation and TV’s installed in my car does your film effect my reception?

A: Simply put, NO. We don’t use metalised films. Some films are metalised, so watch out for other companies still using metalised films. The metal makes them much better at reflecting the suns radiation, thus keep the vehicle much cooler. The price you pay is lack of reception with many modern day electrical products.

Q: Can I have a sun strip installed and if so how deep can it be without breaking the law?

A: Yes a sun strip may be installed however every vehicle is different. The law states that you cannot tint a solid vinyl sun strip, but a dark window tinted sun strip is ok. We typically advise our customers when they turn up for their appointment and cut a bespoke depth depending where the driver sits in the car.  Over the years we have many returning customers who love just a sun strip.

Q: Can I open my windows straight away after installation?

A: We recommend that you allow 3 working days before window use. This is to allow the film to dry and gives the adhesive time to cure.

Q: Does the film affect my rear window defroster?

A: No, the film does not affect the element.  Although on some vehicles the elements are very big / deep and can then refract the car head lights at night time as the film passes over them.

Q: Does the tint bubble up after time?

A: We use only the highest quality films. The adhesives are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Bubbles can appear from films where the adhesives break down from around the 5-10 year time depending on where the vehicle has been parked due to UV / sun exposure. This can change depending on where the car is parked over the years and the type of window.  Often Saloon rear windows or really curved rear windows break down and start to bubble first due to the glass expanding and contracting each time the sun hits it over long periods.

The manufacturers guarantee their films for 5 years from time of installation. We guarantee our work against installation defects for as long as you own the vehicle.

Q: Is the rear window fitted in one piece?

A: Yes, all rear hatch & saloon windows are fitted with one piece of tint, skillfully heat shrunk to shape.

Q: I’ve seen lots of tinted vehicles close up with creases and bubbles everywhere, will my windows look like that?

A: No, your windows will look perfect for many years when tinted professionally by South Coast Tints, we guarantee your satisfaction.  Bubbles and creases are from poor installations, often from contamination, hairs or installation heat shrinking defects that only show up once the films have dried out over the following few days after installation. Find out more about our guarantee.

Q: When I come to sell my vehicle, can the film be removed at all?

A: Yes, of course. Due to the quality of our films, all can be removed after many years. In some cases a layer of glue is left behind, this is not easy to remove. We have the correct cleaners and tools to return the vehicle to its original state. Just drop us a line and we can provide the removal service for you.

Q: Do my vehicle windows have to be clean upon arrival?

A: No, not particularly. But, we do need to know if you think your vehicle has been tinted before, or you’ve tried to tint it yourself, possibly leaving transparent adhesive on the windows which then can incur additional costs to remove and clean ready for your new installation. Worst-case scenario, we would need to view your vehicle first to assess any extra time & labour that may be required.

Also some dog owners often say “sorry i never had time to clean my car” knowing we are going to work on the windows in the boot area.  We are well used to tinting dog owners cars this is very common with the issues that come with pets that are quite hairy.   Please make sure your vehicle is reasonably clean before we have to work on it as we are not a valeting company and if we have to hoover first then this takes up more of our time.   If too many hairs are stuck on the trims then its very common for them to get stuck under the films causing us to have to re-tint the window a number of times.

Q: Now my vehicle is tinted, I’ve noticed a few scratches on the outside of the glass that I never noticed before, where have they come from?

A: On clear glass you would never spot existing glass scratches. Window films reflect more light from the vehicle surroundings thus if your windows are slightly marked, the films will show them up more. Most scratches & marks on the exterior glass typically come from use of ice scrapers or whilst washing your car from small pieces of grit over the years.

Q: What can I keep my windows clean with?

A: Any glass cleaner as long as it is non-abrasive with a soft cloth.  Our neighbour sells the best glass cleaner on the market you can pop over the road and buy a litre if you wish to use the same product.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee with your work?

A: Yes, we guarantee the film for as long as the film manufacturer guarantees their product. This is currently 5 years with most film manufacturers products across the industry. Read more about our no quibble money back guarantee.

Q: If I scratch the film, is there free replacement under your guarantee?

A: Sorry no, please contact us for a quote and appointment time to replace your damaged window. Please do not try to remove yourself.

Q: Can I tint my windscreen?

A: No, We do not fit films to any vehicle windscreens unless there is a medical exemption. Sunstrips can be applied to the top of your windscreen as long as they do not obstruct your vision in any way.

Q: Can you fit a new layer of film to my existing tint?

A: No, it is not recommended and would not be covered by our guarantee.

Any queries? Call (02380) 336 474 or e-mail us for further details.