About Us

About Us


Our car tinting business has been built on the back of a challenging 28-year reputation, word of mouth, and satisfied return customers.  You will experience our passion as soon as you visit or talk to us.

Phil Thompson / Owner / Director / Window Tinter /

In a world where few companies really care about the quality of their products and service and let profit margins get in the way… We shine high above the competition and set the high standard that everyone else can only follow.

 We are not the cheapest, you will even hear us say this over the phone as you hunt around for quotes. We are so confident our service is unbeatable, however we do respect that some customers are just after a cheap price.  We are also very confident that our installs are as perfect as we can get. Often we can re-tint a window 3 to 4 times unknown to the customer unless they are waiting and watching.  This is to eliminate any imperfections that may occur like trapped dust (that can look like bubbles), small trapped fibres are very common, heat shrink creasesdog hairslight gaps and squeegee scratches to name just a few common issues that can arise when window tinting films are applied.

If you choose a cheap installation please check all these common issues a few days after your installation, as you will not see them within the first few hours/days of the drying out process.

We use only the very best, quality films on all installations, creating a finish, that to the un-trained eye looks as though you’ve had all the glass replaced.  We’re unlike any other in our industry, geared towards serving consumers and traders in an ethical manner.

Our distinguishing style starts with customer care and ends in customer satisfaction.

Just check out our galleries the pictures speak for themselves showing off so many amazing quality vehicles we have tinted year after year after year.

South Coast Tints professional services are considered to be a premier window film installer in the UK. Protection you can count on.

Our core values…

  1. Passionate About People
  2. Work With Empathy
  3. Take Personal Ownership
  4. Expect Excellence
  5. Forward Thinking

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No other window tinter near us can match our quality install with speed and skill.

South Coast Tints – The complete story

Around about 1990… 

Phil Thompson is the originator behind the business concept that started in the late 80’s early 90’s.  At this time there was only one other window tinting company around based in London called Pentagon. Phil already brought with him a few years of experience designing vehicle graphics and then hand cutting them, then applying them years before the computers did everything with a press of a button.

It all started hanging out at South Coast Wheels in Southampton at the age of 17.  The shop was selling rolls of window films to customers but no one knew who could fit the films professionally.

John the owner said to Phil “If you can fit this stuff? I can pass loads of customers on to you.  You can also use my workshop to help get you started.”

So Phil tinted his van to hide all his graphics and stripes he used to carry in the back.  Then his brother Simon wanted his Nova SR tinted.   Then his mate wanted his mini tinted… The rest is history…

From this point on Phil became the local window tinter branching out into all the local dealerships working as a mobile unit for many years until Phil needed his own workshop back in 2000 (the same one we are still in to this day).

Around 2005 Phil said “NO MORE” to mobile window tinting as it became impossible to get a good quality install.  As his standards improved over the years working in a dark unlit messy greasy floored workshop with a lot of air movement made it increasingly difficult to get contamination free installations.

At this point South Coast Tints started to pick up and drop back all dealership vehicles allowing the tinting to be done in a very well lit clean controlled environment.  Thus improving our standards even higher.

Over the years South Coast Tints has worked up a great reputation with the local car dealerships, getting to the point where most of the time they will often tell their own customers to come and see us directly and not go to anyone else for obvious reasons.

When you are looking for quality window tinting, the price really does reflect the quality of the work you will expect to see and live with for years.

Any queries? Call (02380) 336 474 or e-mail us for further details.